How to sleep better?

Good sleep is as much important as a healthy diet and good exercise. Poor sleep does much harm than good, it has adverse effects on your hormones, brain and body functionality. On the other hand, good sleep keeps you healthier. Unfortunately, in the present era, both sleep quality and quantity have gradually been on the wane. If you want a healthier life, good sleep can surely put you on the right track. Here are some tips you could follow to Sleep better.

  • Expose yourself to natural light during the day.
  • Avoid having coffee when your bedtime is nearby.
  • Invest in a comfortable bed, mattress, and pillow.
  • Do not take unnecessary daytime naps
  • Do not exercise close to bedtime
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Expose yourself to natural light during the day

Natural light has more perks than you may give its due credit to. Comfortable sleep is enhanced by giving yourself limited exposure to daylight. For better results, avoid blue light in the evening. You will be able to wake up earlier, and fresher.

Avoid having coffee when your bedtime is nearby

Caffeine is not just present in coffee, in fact, many other edible items contain it and must be avoided before bedtime. However coffee should not be consumed at least 6 hours before you hit your snooze button. Leave your bitter addiction for mornings ONLY.

Invest in a comfortable bed, mattress, and pillow

The bed, mattress and pillow may be the most underrated of all personal items. However, the beginning and end of our day depend on the comfort they provide. Layer a quilt underneath your comforter or duvet to give your bed a little extra volume. For some extra cosy environment vibes, throw down an extra fuzzy bedside rug so your feet land on some fuzzy goodness in the morning.

Do not take unnecessary daytime naps

Naps can improve brain functions to the extent that for some people naps are as restorative as a whole night of sleep, according to research. That is the good news, however, that means people tend to delay their night’s sleep due to this, which is clearly the bad news. So choose wisely.

Do not exercise close to bedtime

Even though light exercise will not have any impact on your sleep, a spirited one can definitely have a negative impact on it. Keep your workout routine for mornings or for the afternoon. Avoid nighttime physical activity as much as you can. Just get in bed, and breathe.

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As kids, bedtime may be your most non-favourite time of the day. As adults, the value of a good night’s sleep is evident to you.

According to the inaugural sleep survey by TEMPUR, back in 1942, only 14% of people averaged six hours of sleep or less per night. However, in 2013, those getting six hours or less each night had risen to 41%.

Sleep can keep you alert, smarter mentally, healthier physically and can even fight cancerous cells. Your body repairs itself when you are in your much-loved dreamland.

At least 7 to 9 hours of sleep is required to make an average human function fully.

So what are you waiting for? Make sleep better your utmost priority as soon as the clock hits late hours! Give your phone a break at least an hour before you hit the bed, which means give yourself some time to indulge in self care. Goodnight in advance.