How sleep can actually help you shed a few extra pounds?

When it comes to shedding a few extra kilos we usually think about changing our diet plan, going to the gym but over the years growing evidence suggest that getting a good night sleep could provide better outcomes than any other weight loss regime.Studies have shown that where poor sleep leads to weight gain, obesity and other health related problems, getting a right amount of good quality sleep can actually help us shed a few pounds.

Like any other weight loss regime, sleep is not a quick fix, consistently clocking a quality night’s sleep could be the secret to our weight loss plan. Here are 5 ways how sleep can help erase any doubts you have:

1.It helps you feel fuller,longer.

While getting a good night’s sleep can prevent you from indulging into late night snacks it also keeps your hunger pangs in check. Alteration in hormone levels associated with hunger can impact the way we eat. Studies have shown that leptin a hormone responsible for feeling full drops with a lack of adequate sleep while ghrelin responsible for inducing appetite goes up. Researchers believe that sleep keeps the balance between these hormones and makes us hungry only when we should.

2.Calorie Burner.

Sleep, calorie burner? It may come as a surprise to most of us but it helps you burn 50-100 calories an hour. Various studies have shown that how sleep helps burn the fat. One research proved that people who get only a four hour sleep become insulin-resistant,a red flag for obesity and diabetes. Other research has shown that sleeping in cooler temperature stimulates brown fat, a fat which burns more calories and has shown to improve insulin sensitivity. Researchers believe that sleeping in a cool room, or simply turning on the AC and wrapping yourself in a blanket doesn’t count. The act of shivering is the primary drivers of effect, so you really have to feel the chill.

3.Keeps you active.

Everything consumed in proper quantity leads to better outcome. Just like that getting a proper sleep leads to having high energy levels which leads to performing tasks with much ease. Studies have proven that a good night sleep has been linked to successful weight loss with a drive to stick to your goals.

4.Reduces craving for unhealthy snacks.

The amount of sleep we get greatly influence our choices for the food we eat. While we opt for a unhealthy meal over a healthy one just to satisfy our cravings it directly impacts our health. Studies have shown that people who were sleep deprived tend to eat more junk food as compared to those getting an 8 hour sleep. While sleep deprived people not only tend to go for junk food but their ability to make rational decisions was also found to be inhibited.

5.You’d want to exercise more.

While we don’t realize how sleep is important for us it also influneces many aspects of our life from doing regular work to reaching our goals a right amount of sleep can help you accomplish alot in a day. Sleep deprivation is very common thanks to the technology these days and our tendency to do all of our work at night. So getting not enough sleep not only shifts our mood swings or appetite it also lowers our energy levels. Getting enough sleep boosts your energy and makes you more likely to exercise.Result of a study showed people who were getting a good night sleep were more healthier and tend to exercise more as compared to sleep deprived and sedentary individuals.

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